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1: The Future, ATG near me!

ATG Coaching Insider: Series 1

ATG is still new to the world.

Knees over toes and full range of motion are still barely used in college and pro sports!

University of Houston basketball is absolutely crushing it right now, using full range of motion and knees over toes, under Alan Bishop. Relative to the initial ranking of his recruits, he has had THE MOST SUCCESS IN COLLEGE SPORTS - IN ANY SPORT - the past few years.

This ain’t no joke.

This ain’t just Kneesovertoesguy.

My story isn’t a miracle. It’s a standardly expected result.

I blew up on RESULTS for myself and others.

Anyone in this chat can change the world for the better.

But it’s on me, the leader, to guide us, and only NOW has that become clear.

Through extensive surveys we know the #1 thing an ATG-certified coach needs:


If you can get clients, you can get results, and you can expand your influence.

But you’re not alone.

Take a look at the ATG app. Compare it to what we used before. This is OUR app and OUR tech team.

Next up?

Well, if you needed some extra bucks right now, what would you do? Most would Uber drive. Clearly, there’s something helpful about getting clients instantly and jumping into action.

So our job is simple. Make the best site (and eventually app) for anyone around the world to find you, book and pay for sessions. Your price (see Ben Clarfield’s instructional guide to learn pricing technique) with 10% back to ATG in exchange for creating this and driving traffic to you from here on out.

Business is built on exchange, but ATG was built specifically on:


 2. Personal Touch

 3. Exchange in Abundance

This means we’re trying to bring value beyond what we take. And it’s the same with the ATG Uber concept. We will do it with exchange-in-abundance attitude every step of the way.

Every Monday I have a virtual meeting with the tech team, so I can keep you as closely posted as I am myself.

I have more pro athletes reaching out to me right now than ever before. THEY NEED COACHES! I referred an NBA starter to an L2 coach last week, thanks to our current map. But without an exchange going both ways, I can’t drive my time on it. I have to create the pay for our entire staff. We have $25/hour minimum wage and a wild goal of getting every staff member to 100k a year income. So everything I do has to make both the client and the team win. ATG Uber solves this, without having to be greedy.

I’ll keep you posted.

Yours in Solutions,


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