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10: ATG Gyms Part 2

ATG Coaching Insider Series 10: ATG Gyms Part 2

Yesterday Keegan and Alissa and I delivered a seminar to 30 people. Most have gnarly knee histories. ALL were able to get an amazing knee workout.


Step up

Split split squat


KOT squat

Active hero

Those 6 very literally work the knee through its entire range.

Every layer scales. (Couch Stretch is just a single leg isometric active hero [also called Reverse Nordic] but a KOT Squat [also called sissy squat] is actually the exact opposite of a Nordic.)

Every layer has a POSTERIOR counterpart!

Sled (forward)

Back ext

Seated GM



Jefferson curl

Keegan demoed Zercher J curl and blew minds! Everyone could see how it is a system that goes from grandma to pro athlete, SMOOTHLY and MEASURABLY.

Number one question after the seminar?

“What to do without a sled?”

It was clear to me by the end of the seminar that - while ATG CAN help any other fitness system - ATG is a marvelous fitness system in ITSELF.

World needs ATG gyms.


If you can get a space with enough turf for at least 2 sleds, you’ve already got a gym.

Sled + Zero would be OUTSTANDING for any community’s fitness.

Then gradually add in what you need for layers 2-6.

We have 6 golden layers.

OPTIONALLY you could test speed, jump, Olympic lifting.

Those seem kinda like “layer 7” to me.

But if you have a sled (layer 1) and can provide layers 2-6, and you KNOW your ATG shit… YOU HAVE A LIFE CHANGING GYM ON YOUR HANDS.

Thanks to all who answered last week’s survey on ATG gyms.

Thanks to Keegan for his help and his brilliant mind.

Thanks to Ben C for helping us keep Poliquin’s BASICS strong within us, while still continuing to learn higher level principles.

“ATG Pro” was our highest-level in-person program which made pros even more athletic, RAPIDLY.

Yet it’s exactly how we trained 30 jacked up bodies yesterday with 30/30 workout success!

That’s nuts!

ATG continues to blow my mind.

Thanks to everyone for being here in this chat. Please don’t hesitate to fuel more feedback for me this week.

My goal by next Sunday is to be able to give you the straight details on what the legalities look like to make an ATG gym.

Life is short in the scheme of things. Let’s shake things up and go for it.

Yours in Results,


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