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11: Success Stories

ATG Coaching Insider Series 11

I used to count knee success stories. Below is an example. #2276, sent to me today.

Really, that number might be a lot more. I stopped counting at 2270 because “you can’t perfectly measure a ‘knee success story’ “ - and there’s some truth to that.

But damn, life is too short not to follow my own goals!

Counting them keeps me in tune with the process and with my purpose, on a daily basis.

Brendan Backstrom, start counting the back success stories you’re sent. Maybe you can achieve the most in history.

Coaches, maybe start counting them all!





Now here’s a real wild idea we ARE going to measure at HQ next month…

I have 3 various types all shipping to HQ for us to test…

Jump mats.

Stand, jump.

How cool would it be if we could say…

“People over age 50 on average can jump 37% higher after 4 years of ATG training.”

I think “jump” might be our best measurable for ATG’s LONG-TERM effects.

Worth testing.

Let’s never stop following our dreams.

Special thanks to Keegan. It was his idea that I should get back to counting my knee success stories. And he brought the jump mat concept back up.

And I can say it’s added some fire back for me!

Any one mentor, at any time, can change the course of your life. I hope right inside this chat, dozens of us provide that effect for others.

Thank you Keegan.

And thank you ATG coaches.

Can’t wait to see many of you next month.

Yours in WINS,


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