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13: Updates

ATG Coaching Insider Series 13: Updates

This is a general update on what I’m currently working on in relation to ATG For Coaches.

Monday June 5th Alissa and I start running classes 3 mornings a week at ATGHQ for online members, close friends, and family. We will be getting real-world experience testing optimal classes, new equipment, etc.

I believe ATG Gyms are the best thing ATG can provide to the world.

Despite being the most “connected” time in history, people are craving community more and more.

We will be exhausting all logical ways to make ATG Gyms a hit.

From a financial perspective, how cool would it be if ATG Coaches could make gyms and create good income in the process?!

Personal training is GREAT income per session.

Group classes are also lucrative per session.

Open gym can add extra income.

Product sales can add extra income.

That formula could create 4 sources of income.

And we also have our online coaching which may be the financial cushion that makes it easier to get gyms rolling full steam.

With a good owner, a well-run gym can also provide great starting opportunities for up-and-coming ATG Coaches, while freeing up the owner’s time for family or other business affairs.

CrossFit has 14,000 gyms. We only have 762 people in this chat. And we have millions of social media followers! There is PLENTY of market for everyone here, IF we can connect the online power to the in-person coaches and gyms.

Owning a gym is an amazing experience. But it’s a business. I’ve seen first-hand how STRATEGY can take a passion and make it financially successful.

We are making great progress on the ATG Uber concept, which may be called “ATG Near Me.” June 5th we have another programmer joining ATG full-time to complete it, with the estimate being August to have it rolling. It uses Uber and AirBnB style web development to allow a PRO one-stop-shop to find AND PAY for ATG personal training or group classes. This will allow us to use our massive social media power to grow ATG’s in-person effect.

I look forward to meeting many of you ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. I’ll keep you closely posted with the plans and schedule as we get closer.

I think we have a duty to put something great into the world, so I appreciate everyone who is making the trip out, and everyone who has ever made the trip to see me, Keegan, Ben C, and Marcel in person thus far. We will all be there!

Yours in Results,


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