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14: What Makes ATG Unique

ATG Coaching Insider Series 14

After speaking to hundreds of elite strength coaches yesterday, it was so clear what makes ATG unique…


So many people came up to me and thanked me for the RESULTS they got from what they’ve learned from me online over the past few years.

It was also clear how much room there still is to master our subject and DELIVER.

So the schedule for this Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday at ATG is:

Monday 9am to 12pm: Knee RESULTS

Monday 1pm to 4pm: Lower Back RESULTS

Tuesday 9am to 12pm: Shoulder RESULTS

Tuesday 1pm to 4pm: Muscle RESULTS

Wednesday All Day: Athletic RESULTS

None of these are lectures. The gym flow will be set up. Come on in. Sharpen your skills. Know your GO-TO MOVES, in-order, to obtain outstanding results with any client.

For the first time ever, me, Keegan, Ben C, and Marcel will all be there!

The world is more “connected” than ever.

Yet COMMUNITY is lacking more than ever.

I believe these meet-ups provide insight and visualization of how you can create a life-changing gym.

I do believe there needs to be ATGs around the world. I think this would affect not only bodies but also peoples’ happiness.

Regardless of what other business you have, I think an ATG gym is a gem for communities. I plan on opening ATGs wherever I live for that reason. It’s a duty.

See you SOON!

And to anyone not attending, we will capture each of these sessions so you get a live demonstration. 🫡

Yours in Solutions,


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