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15: The ATG Results Series is Born!

ATG Coaching Insider Series 15: The ATG Results Series is Born!

What makes ATG unique is scaling any ability, but we also have a duty to scale TYPES of abilities in relation to the most common physical downfalls people face.

Shot LIVE at ATGHQ, you can re-experience the formula that likely has the most knee success stories on earth, yet which is probably still NOT actually done the way we do it, in any gym outside of ATG.

Lower Back will now edit for next week, and Shoulder for the week after.

In meantime, you can find these 3 formulas on the app in the ATG Basics Program, which takes you through Knee Ability on Monday, Back Ability on Wednesday, and Shoulder Ability on Friday. This program updates over the weekend so you can see it by Monday.

Thanks to Keegan, Marcel, Ben C, Fernando, and all who visited ATGHQ this week, for making this series a one-of-a-kind educational resource!

Yours in Results,


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