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16: ATG Testing

ATG Coaching Insider Series 16: ATG Testing

We don’t want ATG to be a “sport” but perhaps we can still have some THRILLS, and some sense of ACHIEVEMENT.

The sled is our first clue for this, because relative to other lifts, you can’t hurt yourself! Thanks to Keegan I did a 60 second test today at HQ 😂 - I’m still recovering. Nothing like “F***ed Up Friday.”

With the SAME sled on the SAME turf, we can gradually get there. In meantime, visit HQ and test.

This Sunday I’ll test again. It’ll take some trial and error to find the right weight/distance/time.

Sled is force into ground.

Low cable pull in (aka reverse squat) is strength picking up those legs, and also incredibly safe compared to most lifts.

Same goes for chin up for the upper body.

And I had my 69-year-old mother run and jump with measurement last weekend on the Air Runner and JumpMat!

If someone can:

 1. Achieve the ATG Sled Standard.

 2. Do 50% BW x 20 hams over calves low cable pull in.

 3. Do 12 full chins.

Then they can surely work on shoulders-below-elbow dips and MSL Nordics which are also relatively safe and easy in a group/workout setting compared to 1 rep maxes.

And I’m sure there is more that can be done.

Should the ATG Split Squat actually be a “test” in our system? I don’t think so! That’s not its purpose.

I know the sled and chins are fundamentally safer to test.

Perhaps our “tests” can be limited, but that would still be more fun than nothing.

I’m going to keep testing these, and even invite members to join, 1pm on Sundays at ATGHQ.

Maybe there are some solutions to giving ATG some tests, even if it’s not a sport.

Yours in Solutions,


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