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17: What I've learned in the past 5 years

ATG Coaching Insider Series 17

Sled for circulation

Step up for height

Split squat for mobility

Squat for strength

What I’ve learned over the past 5 years of coaching the same exercises…

These are my OPINIONS based on observation and results. This advice is all about RESULTS.

 1. Sled works best with intention on stride LENGTH when going forward, and stride FREQUENCY when going backward, in that zone where it’s not too heavy and not too light. Light enough to get natural strides and natural backward steps. Heavy enough to fire up your legs unlike anything else. Turf friction varies. MORE FRICTION seems to get more results!

 2. Step Ups work best for HEIGHT and HIGH REPS. Going heavier / lower gets more confusing and tweaky. Simply adding height and keeping reps high keeps it safe while allowing you to make serious pound for pound strength changes at the knee joint! Sled is SHORT range, step ups can progress you FROM short to the longer range of split squats.

 3. Split squats work best for MOBILITY. Using them as a strength-intent exercise doesn’t seem to work as well. The best weight is the one that stretches you best! Pulses and PAUSES prime your knees and mobility for greater gains from squats, which are more advantageous for strength increase...

 4. Squats work best for STRENGTH, and use chains to train the whole strength curve. The chains allow advanced athletes to get even more explosive, while making the motion feel even smoother for beginners! INTENT on control down. INTENT on staying tight in the bottom. INTENT on getting stronger through those chains as you go up. 5 x 5 works well. So does 10 x 1 with a masterful eccentric. So does everything in between. After everything you did in 1 through 3, you’re now primed to extract amazing results from squats!

4 simple exercises I’ve been coaching non-stop. Each seems to have its own unique advantage. Add them all up and you can consistently make breakthroughs for health and athleticism…

Sled for speed

Step up for height

Split squat for mobility

Squat for strength

This is my takeaway from coaching these among the most anyone has.

And still being in the trenches pushing my body for results.

Today was





It blows my mind how easily my knees can handle all this.

And tomorrow, back in the gym at ATGHQ…

Knee Ability Day in the ATG Basics Program

Sled 200m

Step up 2 x 20 for height

Split squat 2 x 20 for pump (pulses)

Squat w/ chains 5 x 5 for strength (today was 10 x 1 and I hit new personal best! Weights feeling lighter! Felt amazing.)

Keep living it. 🫡

Thanks to your contribution in the form of membership but also pushing yourself and sharing your wins, losses, and everything in between.

Yours in Results,


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