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18: Family can be your toughest clients

ATG Coaching Insider Series 18

Your own family may be some of the toughest “clients” you ever have.

Years into my training career, I assumed I would never get my own parents to do ATG. I had already tried and failed.

The sled was the first thing that really changed that.

They could feel and see results without feeling like they might get hurt.

I DO think it’s a duty to help our families exercise. But it’s NOT a failure if they don’t. And never consider the game is over.

I care deeply about my relationship with my parents, so those years taught me a lot about NOT forcing clients to do things, or taking it personally if they don’t believe in me as a trainer.

Arguing or forcing doesn’t feel right.

Finding exercise they actually enjoy does.

This can vary greatly from person to person.

For this week’s insider, please share anything YOU have had success with in terms of your own family, and I’ll then add it on from here…

THANK YOU and happy Father’s Day!

Yours in Solutions,


PS. When I originally tried to train my parents, both had back pain, so I tried to help them with that. At the time: “back pain = reverse hyper” was my go-to move. For athletes this worked well. But my parents were simply UNCOMFORTABLE climbing up onto the reverse hyper! Years later I realized they weren’t “wrong” for not doing ATG. It was my job as a coach to make ATG exercises ENJOYABLE for the given client. Figured it might help to add the actual specifics lol!

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