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19: Revisiting The Code of ATG

ATG Coaching Insider Series 19: Revisiting The Code of ATG

Seeing ABOVE Exercise Arguments

I saw an exercise argument on Twitter this morning regarding how many sets is best.

Some people were arguing one set to failure, while others were arguing more sets.

An ATG Coach should instantly see that sets are a variable that can work in a varied manner based on the context.

An ATG Coach would never argue a generality like “only do one set to failure” or “4 sets of 6-8 is the perfect zone.” These are real arguments I was seeing people base their training philosophy on.

Let’s look at 3 examples…

 1. You have a twin brother. You don’t do any exercise all year. He does 1 set of chin ups to failure every other day, the whole year. How confident do you feel going into a chin up contest? Instantly we can all agree than 1 set is better than nothing. Instantly we can see that anyone helping people EXERCISE is on the same team compared to no exercise.

 2. Would you rather do 5 sets of flat pressing in your chest routine, all year long, or only 1 set… BUT you press one set each at flat, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees. Obviously it’s 5 sets either way. In this case we can see that how many sets you perform is just one variable that relates to your total volume.

 3. 2 sets of tibialis raises, consistently, works well for most people. You can start right in and go to failure. But to safely go near failure on a squat, most people need a lot more sets to warm up and groove in the motion. 2 sets of tibs and 2 sets of squats are not the same. Squats tend to need more sets to get a quality workout in. In this example, we see that “how many sets is best?” also varies based on what exercise you’re talking about.

Tomorrow I am doing 10 sets of 1 rep in the full squat with chains, gradually increasing load. Yet I’ve often been asked, “why does ATG only high reps?” The answer is because it DOESN’T. If you have zero equipment and bad joints… high reps can be used strategically to get some healing and strengthening going. A good ATG Coach can get someone great results with only high reps, only low reps, and everything in between!

So seeing how serious people got, and how much time people wasted, just from the ol’ “how many sets is best” question, made me think back to the code of ATG.

This wasn’t perfect, and it may be a good idea to rewrite this, but nonetheless the Code of ATG had value:

And an ATG Coach should seek to see ABOVE arguments, stay focused on results, and not lower oneself to bickering on social media.

Early on in my social media says, I realized that any time spent bickering was TIME taken away from getting better at helping people. I’m glad I had that realization and stuck to that policy.

If you get a hater, the hater does NOT deserve more time from you than someone who wants your help.

It’s not about trying to live in a utopia where there is no criticism. It’s about trying get the best results for our clients. We are only as right or wrong as our results.

And I’m glad I have a group here of likeminded people, who can see above the bickering. It’s a cut above. Don’t let someone make you believe you have to wholly jump to one side or another of an argument, when the truth may be above it.

And if you take away ONE thing from this week’s insider, please let it be the reminder that the math of RESULTS will be more in your favor if that’s where you place your time, rather than arguing.

Yours in Results,


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