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2: Create your own happiness

Today officially marks the end of over two years without entertainment.

I’m sitting here now, watching the Super Bowl with my family.

Still no cheat meals for me though.

Day 772.

No ice cream. No pizza. No cookies. No chips. Etc.



I try to put math in my favor.

If I don’t have fake slices of happiness, I have to create it.

And no, I won’t be going back to entertainment now. But if my family has something they want me at, and it happens to be entertainment, I’ll be there.

And if my 2 year old gets to a point that he wants me to enjoy some nostalgic food with him on his birthday or Christmas, I will.

Beyond that, zero. And I think this “fast” has already served its purpose for me.

There are a lot of young and hungry coaches in this chat.

But how hungry?

You don’t have to push for success AND success should be measured by what YOU feel that is.

Maybe that just means more lives changed. That’s what it meant for me and I was just as happy when I did 1 year or no entertainment in 2018, back before you ever heard of me.

I loved getting clients results.

I didn’t charge enough.

But I was just as happy as ever.

So please don’t confuse this letter with money or followers.

Neither made me happier.

Knowing how to create my own happiness did. That’s what I gained from this experiment.


Day 772 is where it officially ended for my no-entertainment streak.

I hope this helps in some small way.

Yours in Strength,


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