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20: Why ABILITY Training?

ATG Coaching Insider Series 20: Why ABILITY Training?

It’s clear to me from seeing the daily messages in the Pulse, that many coaches HAVE fully grasped the concept of ability, but some newer coaches probably haven’t had that “aha” moment…

Pains and injuries occur because of a lack of ability relative to the demand upon the area.

Pull a hamstring sprinting? Lack of ability relative to the intensity of the demand.

Knees hurting after a sports game? Insufficient ability relative to the volume of the demand.

Chronic hip impingement pain when squatting? Not enough ability (in range and/or strength) relative to the pressure on it when squatting.

Achilles flare-up after jumping? Not quite enough ability in the lower leg, relative to the power expressed by the knees and hips.

So we have two sides of the equation:

 1. What are the demands of life?

If a runner has Achilles’ tendon problems, and is running 6 days a week, then even reducing to 3 days a week would increase chances of recovery.

 2. What is the ability of the area, relative to the demands upon it, AND relative to the rest of the abilities of the body?

And this is the role of an ATG Coach.

While the world has gone mad running from problems, we face them, and we relentlessly seek to master ability training.

This is a valuable role in society.

We even had a member recently lose over 80 pounds. They were in too much pain to exercise before Knee Ability.

Ability is the baseline of health upon which everything else can build better.

We are the frontlines of health, and in some ways, of sanity, because our job is to get common sense applied in a world where common sense has become (by the media’s doing) uncommon.

My first big experience with this was progressing myself and other basketball players to being able to train full squats.

Most basketball players shiver at the idea of full squats.

By progressing ability until we COULD squat deep and strong…

Holy f*** we were all jumping higher and basketball was so much easier on our knees! So much more of JOY to play our game!

Yet OVER 99% OF BASKETBALL STRENGTH COACHES RUN FROM ABILITY! Wild. Wow. Athletes who NEED knee ability are the LAST athletes who should be avoiding knee ability! But that’s exactly the world we live in.

In some areas of exercise, we are still the 1% getting common sense APPLIED.

What was missing was the SKILL of how to accomplish this. Now we have some serious skill in accomplishing this, and we stay in the trenches sharpening and improving our tools.

And we are still early in this journey. We don’t have it all figured out yet. But boy are we making a real difference out there.

Yours in Ability,


PS. If you’ve had a cool experience with Ability training, please feel free to share!

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