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21:The Goal of ATG For Coaches

ATG Coaching Insider Series 21: The Goal of ATG For Coaches

What do you think my #1 go-to exercise is when traveling?

I’m on a short trip right now.

Tomorrow I train Bryan Johnson, the world’s most measured man.

He has set up his home with full ATG capabilities: turf, sled, etc!

He spends 2 million a year on his body, and yet with unlimited budget for exercise he chooses… affordable ATG basics like sleds and ATG split squats!

His son sent me video last week of a new PR, FULL squat (it was ROCK bottom) with 255 pounds at 160 bodyweight.

I’m looking forward to sledding and getting a thorough workout in. We’re doing an extensive exercise shoot for YouTube.

But over the weekend I’m just hanging with my kids. The only exercise I’ve done is the single-leg KOT calf raise: slowly tempo, to utter failure.

Lower leg is my weakest link, for my goals of elite speed and jumping. Meaning, my knee and hip are stronger because of more work applied to them, than to my ankle.

My lower legs have caught up enough to never have shin splints anymore, etc.

But now that we’re back regularly hooping, I can feel I have more one foot jumping improvement in the tank if I get a stronger Soleus.

So the past two weeks at ATG I did single leg seated calf raises to failure (around 10 reps per set, controlled) EVERY day. We also have the seated Tib machine, so I supersetted that.

The point of this seemingly random rambling is that the purpose of ATG For Coaches, from my point of view, is all of us mastering these unique ATG tools BUT ALSO understanding the context and having the FREEDOM to use them in any circumstance.

Me: daily seated calf machine to failure, heavier loading (failure around 10 reps) = lower leg gains

Also me: daily KOT Calf Raise to failure, higher reps, because I don’t have a seated calf machine = lower leg gains

Also me: sledding like a mofo when I have access = lower leg gains

Next month I’m training Paul Saladino and do you think I’ll have sled or seated calf access? Probably not.

Point is: I’m not doing my job if you don’t feel that FREEDOM to use the tools as YOU see fit in a given circumstance.

If you have sled and seated calf access… you don’t need KOT Calf Raises! It doesn’t hurt to know them. But if you think you HAVE to use them, then I’m not doing my job well enough.

ATG should just add greater freedom to your training and your life, because you have more tools.

It shouldn’t box you in.

Broadly in this world, trainers don’t have the tools that we do.

We have a duty to master these tools.

We have a valuable role in society.

But you have FREEDOM in how you use these tools.

I look forward to updating after seeing Bryan tomorrow. I’m grateful as heck to be able to work with people who are going all-out in the pursuit of health.

Yours in Results,


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