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22: 1-1 App Training

ATG Coaching Insider Series 22

A few years ago we realized we would need to make our own app. We were using TrueCoach but we knew that for our purposes we could design something much better.

We’ve had that rolling smoothly for a year, but now there are so many other star ATG coaches, that same need is building up in terms of a version other coaches can use.

We have officially begun on the simplest first step, which could start actual testing as soon as next month. This version would be for someone with the goal of getting many hundreds or even thousands of clients, using ATG’s coaching and customer service for their own programs.

This is essentially what my Kneesovertoesguy social media does. Once my online clients surged into the hundreds, I just couldn’t be the whole team anymore, and we gradually built out a smooth organization. That allowed it to go into the thousands.

From there, we will code a one-on-one version where you can do the programs and communication for each of your clients, just like a TrueCoach system, but with more ideal design for ATG.

So if you’ve been doing online coaching, and you have insights as to what would be ideal for you as a coach, please let me know!

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