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23: How I’ve been training lately

ATG Coaching Insider Series 23

How I’ve been training lately: the “Checklist program.”

I’m on the most sporadic travel schedule I’ve ever had. This makes following a program very annoying.

So I decided to make a checklist of the things I’m working on.

Then, about 3 times a week, I go through the whole checklist.

I just timed myself just now, and it was 56 minutes from top to bottom, including some extra sets of lower leg and knee flexion, as explained below:


 1. Backward Treadmill Pump

 2. Tibialis to Failure x 10-20

 3. Single-Leg Standing Calf to failure x 10-12

 4. Single-Leg Seated Calf to Failure x 10-12

 5. Reverse Step Up For HEIGHT x 20

 6. ATG Split Squat STRETCH x 30 seconds

 7. ATG Squat STRENGTH: work up to heavy single, then a back-off set of 5-10 reps

 8. Knee Flexion: Nordic Eccentric x 5 or Ham Curl x 10

 9. Barbell Back Extension to Failure x 10-15

 10. Garhammer to Failure (30ish)or Low-Cable Pull-in to Failure 20+ x 60% BW

 11. Couch Pulse x 20

 12. Piriformis Push-up x 20

 13. High-rep Pullover (12-20 @ 25% BW) OR ATG Dip to Failure

 14. Klokov Raise to failure (5-8) then immediately stand up and Cuban Press to failure (5-8) - slow eccentrics on both

 15. Face Pull to failure (15-20) - middle of rope must touch neck for rep to count

 16. Neck Bridge 8 second holds to failure (only on Dip Day because high-rep pullover hits neck flexors)


-the leg work primes me to then spend some time and sets on the squat. I do probably 5 sets gradually building up to the heavy single, then I drop the weight by 20% or so and do a good quality set of 5-10 reps

-when I finish the last exercise, I then go back through the formula and do the lower legs and knee flexion a few more times since those are my weakest links (relative to my goals)

Please bear in mind this is a checklist I made for myself.

Your own checklist might vary.

A checklist is not better than a program.

But if you find yourself struggling to follow a program while doing so much COACHING, now you know: it’s okay to use a checklist and set yourself up for WINS.

You could probably even space it out over your day of coaching people.

For me, it’s working. I’m currently at my lifetime best in terms of how easy it is to dunk off all 4 plants, which is how I measure my personal progress, because that’s most relevant to my goals.

Yours in Solutions,


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