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24: The ATG Cardio Formula For Sports

ATG Coaching Insider Series 24: The ATG Cardio Formula For Sports

1. Be stronger pound for pound in the exercises that relate most to your sport

2. Master the art of your sport

For most of the world’s greatest athletes, these are the common denominators.

Someone can add ANYTHING they want to ATG. But ATG’s strategic value in regards to cardio is the formula above.

When your task is EASIER for you than for your opponent, you appear to have amazing conditioning.

Think about a basketball season. Everyone is going through the same motion.

So what made Michael Jordan different? He was the most dominant player ever at the end of games.

Well, he was 6’6” and could dunk from the foul line off one foot AND fly off two feet, meaning his body was literally easier for him to move than any player in the NBA, perhaps in NBA history, to this day.

Then add his mental toughness and competing hard, and that becomes the most sport-specific cardio.

Many athletes never become FAST enough, jump HIGH enough, or get STRONG enough, to realize the secret to sport-specific “cardio.”

This is a different subject than general cardio.

This is the science of winning. It’s not subjective (how you feel). It’s observable physics.

How athletic + skilled I am will make David Goggins seem to LACK CARDIO if he played me in basketball. So clearly the answer would not be more running in this situation! He’s already running!

The same would go in every direction for those elite at their sports.

If we recap with Michael Jordan once again, we can see that he had the RESULT of the best cardio in NBA history. But did he really? Or was his task easier than every other player in history? The good news for us is…

We don’t have to speculate!

We can simply observe what is real.

Anyone can add anything to ATG.

But ATG + sport alone have the potential to give the “best cardio in the world” for a given sport.

1. Get stronger in the strategic movements of your sport. There is NO LIMIT.

2. Master your sport. There is NO LIMIT.

3. Add what you’d like, BUT: does it potentially take away from 1 & 2? If so, you could be taking away from your true potential. There is a reason the Olympic gold medalist in the mile CAN’T COMPETE in the 100 meter dash (and the other way around!). Once again: measurable fact. No opinions needed. No feelings needed. Just truth.

PS. Potential bonus. There seems to be a real effect whereby an athlete who uses their body HARDER ends up with better cardio than someone more timid. With bulletproofing exercises you could potentially unlock another secret for “cardio.” That is my strategy in basketball: freaky bulletproofing + TRY HARDER = better cardio as time rolls on. When I had bad knees, I simply couldn’t push my legs that hard on the court! Food for thought.

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