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25: Have enough money not to worry about money.

ATG Coaching Insider Series 25

“Have enough money not to worry about money.”

Joe Rogan told me that and it made money make sense to me.

This means it’s based on what you make, AND what it costs you to not worry about money.

I have a personal training session this week for $10,000. (I can’t say who due to NDA, but it’s a very successful person I have a lot of admiration for.)

Yet I am the happiest I’ve ever been zipping around in my $5k Vespa. Give me good coffee and a good workout and I’m happy as heck!

I was BROKE for the first 7 years of my career.

And just this week Marcus Williams told us how he went from $50k in a different job 2 years ago, to now being a trainer making $100k+!! Changing lives!

So no I am NOT the money expert. Because I was broke and happy. But I was LUCKY in that my parents work in commercial real estate, so they helped me buy the original ATG building. So here’s exactly what happened:

I walked away after 7 years with ZERO profit as a trainer.

I only charged $150/month for unlimited training! I wrote every program custom! I stayed in the gym all weekend at the computer, typing and printing the programs, then trained people as early as 4am and as late as 10pm!

My work ethic during those 7 years doesn’t even make sense.

But I walked away with $700,000 because the $300,000 building had gone up in value so much!

Because of the real estate, AND because I didn’t need expensive material things to be happy, I never had to WORRY about money during those 7 years.

And I still don’t. It doesn’t take any more material now to make me happy, than it did then.

KIDS costs more money than no kids. But we also have me + Alissa. Two people working = easier to cover the bills.

I’m 10X beyond what I need to not worry about money. I’d say 50% of the ATG staff is probably at that level. The goal isn’t to “get rich” but rather to see how well I can make overall ATG profits so that the profit per staff member is enough so no one has to WORRY about money.

Check out Ben Clarfield’s pricing guide IMMEDIATELY if you haven’t already.

Read/listen to everything Keegan has said about money IMMEDIATELY.

I’ll see if Marcus can do a write-up.

Franz, do we have links to these resources?

MONEY RESOURCE please, with everything related to money in ONE SPOT.

We have such amazing coaches in this chat. You deserve to not worry about money.

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