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26:Training Twice a Day?

ATG Insider Series 26: Training Twice a Day?

This is in regards to @painfreeathletics question…

At your age (19 years old, right?) you can recover fast. But I believe lifestyle has even more to do with it.

6am workout

Work a full time job

7pm workout

That’s a whole different ballgame! That may lead to less ENJOYMENT of training, and less long-term results.

Pro athletes often take naps between workouts.

The average working parent would feel electric if they had a day in the life of a pro athlete. Pro athletes have very little to do - though most wouldn’t admit it. I know from living with pro athletes from time to time. They have ample time for big sleep, big naps, and as much nutrition as wanted.

Point is: most lifestyles aren’t suited for two quality workouts a day. If yours is, and you want to, have at it!

And breakthroughs can occur at ANY time. Even if it’s later in the day, and you already trained. Testosterone seems highest in the morning, but flexibility seems highest later in the day.

And your MIND is a huge variable!

Every time I visit ATGHQ I take the redeye from LA to Tampa.

So I arrive in Tampa at 6 or 7am on zero sleep. I write on the flight, and then I script out my video plans for the day ahead. I do extensive outlining and scripting for every shoot day.

By 9am I am training and filming, and this goes till about 1pm. So, 4 hours straight of workout, video, photos, podcast, etc.

And I have to be on my A-game. And I am. Every time. Why? Because I have a PURPOSE to help people with the data.

And because it’s EASY compared to taking care of small children 😂.

I don’t fully ignore the body, though. I then aim for a massive 10 hour sleep that night, and in general I sleep a LOT, because my normal habit is to shut my phone off when the kids go to sleep.

As much as I would like to stay up on my phone, I regularly fall asleep around 9pm (shortly after the kids), and then wake up around 6am when the kids do. So my overall sleep and general nutrition are high.

I feel like big sleep is a long-term superpower BUT short-term your MIND is a weapon!

At this stage of my life I don’t like training twice a day for my body because I’d rather train less frequently but CRAVE each workout and ENJOY every workout!

That’s just me! I don’t have an authoritarian view on training, rather a very free flowing view one. And I’m passionate as heck about teaching all the unusual stuff we do at ATG! But I hope you get a mindset where you feel confident to apply ATG as YOU see fit.

Yours in Results,


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