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27:Modern Marketing Cheat Code

ATG Coaching Insider Series 27: Modern Marketing Cheat Code

Do you know what I do, that no one in fitness does?

Because there’s only one marketing thing I do which I can’t find anyone else doing.

And it couldn’t be more common sense…

Instagram wants short videos. So I make short videos for Instagram.

YouTube wants longer videos. So I make longer videos for YouTube.

Twitter wants written threads, so I make written threads for Twitter, using pictures and/or silent demo clips to accompany short written segments.

Email people want full articles, so I make a full email each week. This is a huge avenue for us, with 60,000 per week actually opening up the article. Haven’t missed a week in 2023 and I don’t plan to ever miss a week again.

And older people tend to want books, so I have starting books on Amazon for the older crowd, with Back Ability Zero now done and sharpening up. Will go live in September. The books just roll on Amazon without me needing to mention them. 150k copies sold and counting.

Ok, so the short videos drove my Instagram to 2 million followers. But some Instagrammers have barely any YouTube following. I have 1 million now on YouTube. Started December 2020 on YouTube. Just kept working at it.

And maybe 6 weeks ago I started trying to write out written threads with intentional photos and silent clips, for Twitter. Hit 100k on Twitter today.

If the purpose was boasting…

Then this would be on social media. No, only to you, the inside Pulse of ATG.

I never made an Instagram post about 1 million followers. Nor YouTube. Seems EVERYONE has to let EVERYONE POSSIBLE know when they reach a milestone.

Not me. So you can think what you want, but you can always measure actions statistically.

I’m only letting my smallest inner circle know about this stuff.

The first question that will come up is… “Won’t it take time more time to do content intentionally for each platform?”

The answer is no, not really, but that’s because I never tried to master more than one platform at a time.

I can do IG videos in my sleep. Then YouTube. Then written emails. Now Twitter threads.

This can pace out over years. And as an account grows, and your profits grow, you wind up with more time on your hands.

It’s also relative. I almost exclusively write while I fly. Everyone else on the plane seems to be watching movies. I have not watched any entertainment on any flight this year. I write. That’s a lot more fun for me. And I do it all by phone. Less hassle. Article, book, doesn’t matter: I text it out. Waiting in line? Write. Delay? Write. Makes life fun and easy and I don’t stress losses of time. Because those “boring” times FORCE me to write (Twitter threads, emails, books).

Maybe I’ll do more styles of content. We are going strong with the ATG Podcast lately, because I was feeling in a groove with the others. Podcasting is my least favorite. I’ve never listened to a podcast before. But people ask for those to continue, so I’ve continued.

1. Short video (IG etc)

2. Long video (YouTube)

3. Short writing (Twitter)

4. Medium writing (e-mail/article)

5. Long writing (books/manuals)

6. Talking (podcast)

Each done to the best of my abilities for THAT audience.

[In editing this, I realize I should probably even throw in some LIVE filming, ie: Instagram Live, when I’m at HQ.]

Is there a more common sense piece of advice for reaching people, than trying to reach them in the style that they desire to be reached?

Then just master one at a time, so that success on one buys you time for the next.

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