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28: Courage

ATG Coaching Insider Series 28: Courage

The motivation for this Insider Series was helping Usher get a breakthrough with his knee in one workout. I could sense that HE could sense fear, like a shark or something. I could tell my CONFIDENCE had to be unwavering to help him get this breakthrough. This made me think….

Whoa, what about for the coach who doesn’t have confidence?

Ok, how did I get so confident? Well, from seeing so many results…

Oh shit, so what about a new coach faced with a TOUGH CLIENT!

And the only answer I could come up with for this is courage. Just plain old courage. Just use your COURAGE and face it and give your all to help this person.

The 10 minute recording then goes into a funny story of the first person I tried to help with Charles Poliquin / ATG-style principles, and exactly what I had him do. 😂

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