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29: How to Win on Any Social Media Platform

ATG Coaching Insider Series 29: How to Win on Any Social Media Platform

This has been a hot topic lately.

1. Start.

2. Reps.

3. CONCURRENTLY: find winning channels to learn from. Doesn’t have to be your field. Has to be a winning channel. Has to have a vibe YOU really like. Then it’s brutally simple: observe how they make their content.

Now let’s look at examples.

For short videos, I liked Noel Deyzel, bodybuilder, and Hampton (Hybrid Calisthenics). I used Noel’s font. This is before everyone was using text on screen. I used Hampton’s style of using many clips edited together. But I used these styles to each ATG regressions. Super simple.

ATG is what had the VALUE. But I packaged it up based on observing what was working.

That style = 2.1m Instagram, 800k+ TikTok, and over 600k (rapidly) on Facebook. Same videos. And those same shorts are blowing up my YouTube channel (1.1m).

I don’t follow anyone on YouTube that I liked the long-form videos of. No real example to go by that I enjoyed as a viewer. So I just try to film what I’d want as a viewer. Varying success. Hampton had the fastest growing fitness YouTube I could find. And 19 of his top 20 most-viewed videos were… Shorts. So my Shorts are crushing. My longer videos vary.

But I don’t like the clickbait thumbnails. And I don’t like criticizing anyone. And I don’t like ADS on my videos. Still, no ad money turned on. Biggest no-ad YouTube page I’ve seen.

So above all, integrity matters.

I’m not saying to sell your soul for views. I’m saying the opposite. Get what views you can that feel true to you.

On X (formerly known as Twitter) we now have some ATGers posting! But not yet in the style that works on X.

Study Dan Go.

He is king of X fitness.

Yet only has 20k YouTube subscribers.

Value is scarcity.

On X there aren’t many fitness people. Most fitness people are on Instagram and YouTube.

So Dan Go crushes on X because he makes fitness posts in the style that works on X, and there’s less competition.

I’ve tried various styles on X. The more I use Dan’s style, the more I grow. I’m over 100k in short order because:

1. I started.

2. I keep trying, regardless of outcome.

3. I keep studying what works.

ATG content can grow anywhere because it’s valuable.

And at this moment in time, it’s quite valuable on YouTube and X because those areas have the least ATG knowledge.

If you make good YouTube videos and good X posts, privately message me the link. But please only send me an X post if it’s in the style that works on X.

In doing so, you help yourself, you help ATG, and you help more people out there!

1-2-3 above WORK on any platform… IF you have real value to deliver. And you do. Big time!

ATG has never been a bystander.

ATG doesn’t complain about what’s wrong in fitness.

ATG changes the game.

Let’s keep changing the game.

We are teaching people to take responsibility and seek freedom for their bodies, rather than running from problems and putting restrictions up when we don’t understand something.

Don’t underestimate what your ability can do for someone’s life, physically and mentally.

I’m looking forward to seeing your YouTube and X content!

[Practicing what I preach: I then typed up this X thread. The effort here is what is guaranteed to work for long-term followers. The post packs value, but in the style that works on X:]

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