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3: Your business card

A1. Slant Calf 3 x 60s

A2. Tib Bar 3 x 15-20

B. ATG Split Squat 5 x 5 w/ 5-sec pauses

C1. Slant Squat 3 x 20

C2. Low Cable 3 x 20

D. Couch Stretch 2 x 60s

Protocol I made this week for one of the world’s top athletes trying to loosen up a stiff knee. (Long-term knee injury and surgery history. He’s already training the posterior chain hard. Nothing direct knee though.)

He has the equipment on the way. He says he’ll send me his form videos.

But will he actually stick to it?

I’d say 50/50.

We plan to meet up in person if needed.

I’ve worked with a lot of top athletes and they usually like someone in-person with them every session.

Point is…

ATG For Coaches is still in its newbie stage.

Two weeks ago I referred an NBA starter to an L2.

Do you know what the player asked to see?

His Instagram.

Instagram is like your modern day business card.

If one of the top athletes in the world checked out your Instagram right now, what would they think?

Look, sometimes I’ll have more time for my weekly ATG Coaching Insider.

Other times I’m sitting in butterfly pose taking a short break while Onyx plays with his trucks and no one needs me for a second.

So today, maybe this eye-opening anecdote will have some value.

The world’s top athletes are coming to ATG. Will we be ready?

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