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How many of the world’s top athletes have mastered our most basic of basics: The ATG Split Squat?

Saquon Barkley sent me form this week. He’s getting pretty good.

Last off season Bryce Harper was chasing the perfect rep.

So… that’s like 2 of the top 100.


Do you think ATG should be as accessible as CrossFit?

I do.

And ATG should even be precisely known by CrossFit coaches to troubleshoot clients’ mobility and weak links.

See how far we have to go?


The ATG-Uber concept will be driving you more clients than you can handle in 2024. And unlike Uber, we won’t be taking more than 10%. Go blow up. Thrive. And we all win.

So now till then, START RACKING UP WINS. The success of your clients now is your #1 springboard to the top of the trainer industry next year.

SAVE EVERY WIN. Keep a Favorites folder of them in your photo library.

And damn well make sure you master your own body. At ATG, your own problem areas are not an excuse. They’re an opportunity. And once you master them, NEVER GO BACK.

I’m Kneesovertoesguy because I flipped the script on my own knees AND haven’t had a setback in over 10 years, WHILE pushing them hard every year. This gives me tremendous confidence.

But it also doesn’t excuse me from getting even better.

So far in 2023 I’m pushing my defensive basketball stance even deeper than I ever have! I’m challenging myself to master jump balance better than I ever have. I’m demanding greater athleticism and bulletproofing of myself than I ever have.


Big time.

But damn that’s more fun than hiding!

I’m only interested in selling a real product, one that saves my clients exponentially in the long run.

I know you can do the same.

I know you can be on of the most HELPFUL trainers in the world, regardless of your past.

Yours in Results,


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