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6: Zero is a concept.

ATG Coaching Insider Series 6

Zero is a concept.

Knees ruined my life and became my passion so I used my wits to help people start solving that with nothing.

But we can do the same for backs.

But first: we must solve the WHY behind lower back being such a widespread problem.

My theory: it’s at the center of the body, so it shows up how much ELSE is wrong, in addition to being weak itself.

Fix the body.

Strengthen the back.

Too simple.


“Top-Down” session:

 1. Neck Bridge courtesy of Ben Clarfield: 5 rep, 5 second hold. Granny can start against the wall. And for fit people, bench mastery alone is gold.

 2. Pullover: dumbbell and bench rocks, but a simple WALL may knock your socks off with what you can achieve. 5 reps, 5 second pauses.

 3. Negative-Accentuated Trap-3 Raise: I like using the back extension, but all you need is a chair! 5 reps, 5 second lowerings.

So what are we doing?

We’re working gradually toward the lower back, fixing weak or tight links along the way, without which, you simply have a more vulnerable lower back!

NOW we can get into a back exercise.

Back extension. Slant J curl. Elephant walk. All examples. Back extension best for loaded direct low back motion. Slant J curl nice for light. Elephant walk is assisted. Elephant walk from a full squat is a decent little mobility workout.

I’d do a piriformis stretch before each set.

A low ab exercise after.

And I’d finish the session with a couch stretch to cool off and balance out any lower back pump.

Beginners would do only 1-2 sets per exercise.


Ground up: flow from the ground up, finishing with ATG Split Squat supersetted with Seated Goodmorning.

Did we just create the best mainstream lower back program of all time?

It’s quite possible.

The proof is in the pudding.

We did it for knees.

We can do it for backs.

We don’t have a choice.

More people are on painkillers for the back than the knees.

I’ve been irresponsible and I didn’t even realize it.

Thanks to this GROUP, we can take more responsibility.

Have a great weekend my friends.

Keep me posted on your feedback please.

Thanks to Ben C, Keegan, Brendan Back-Strong, Grace, Fernando, Adan, and all others who helped in any way/shape/form to create Back Ability Zero as a home or gym flow.

Yours in Results,


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