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7: Shock the World Off Season Program for Pro's

ATG Coaching Insider Series 7: The Shock-The-World ATG Off-Season Program For Pro Athletes

I tried all Poliquin’s notable programs and I suggest trying mine, but even I never stop trying to create the “best program ever.” That doesn’t exist. But chasing that can make you a world class coach compared to settling and getting bored with things. Don’t lose the magic.

Playing basketball seriously for the first time since having 2 kids got the athlete in me woken up again. This time around, I’m confident I can become the best version of myself I’ve ever been, yet without extensive time to train. I had somewhat given up on that since becoming a dad. Now the fire is stoked again.

My personal favorite Poliquin articles were ones where he tried his best to write a cookie-cutter program to create INSANE results, so maybe you’ll enjoy this one from me…

I’m on the quest to create an off-season program that will cause pro athletes to SHOCK THE WORLD in a single off-season. Here’s what I’ve got:

Monday: Tissue Gains

A. Warm up with 3 x 20 in the Lower Leg Trifecta: Tib, Gastroc, Soleus (using the KOT Calf Raise makes this trio a surprisingly effective leg day warm-up all by itself, while being productive as heck and catching those lower legs before you’re exhausted at the end of a session)

B. 10 x 10 Slant Squat paired with 10 x 10 Low Cable Pull-in

C. 400 meters of Backward Sled

Superior knee gains to your competition is a cheat code. No one is doing this in the off season. And definitely not training the hip flexors with the same importance as extensors. Growing more VMO and knee tissue AND hip flexor muscle mass than your opponents will give you seemingly years of gain while most others stay relatively the same - if not decay.

Tuesday: Increase Strength Through Length

A. RDL 5 x 12

B. Seated GM 5 x 8

C. ATG Split Squat 5 x 5 w/ 5 sec pauses

The key is getting more range AND STRENGTH on all 3 over the course of the off-season! SIMPLE. WORKS. None of your opponents will do this. Even by itself, this is a surprising off-season cheat code for new levels of power production.

Wednesday: Relaxing Mobility from the floor at home, and get ready to get STRONGER tomorrow…

Thursday: Increase Strength to BW Ratio

A. Warm up again with the 3 x 20 Lower Leg Trifecta

B. 10 x 1 full squat w/ chains w/ 10 second eccentric, paired with 10 x 3 Ham Curl or Eccentric Nordic using 4 seconds down on each rep

Goal is to make significant strength increase over the course of the off-season WHILE chasing the perfect squat rep and owning every eccentric!! For this program to work as intended, it has to include UNDENIABLE strength increase per pound of bodyweight. Again: alone this is a cheat code. Combined with the Tissue and Strength Through Length sessions, we can create even more long-term results than any one of those sessions alone.

Friday: Upper Body

A. Dips & Chins anywhere from 3-10 sets of 3-10 reps depending on the athlete’s ideal bodytype

B. The Go-to ATG Shoulder Series (External, Pullover, Trap-3, Powell)

This is only one phase of the year. You can easily use different upper body exercises in this phase or through the other phases. I suggest keeping it simple and making absolute sure you get stronger on all 6 of these exercises.

Weekend: ATG “Plyo Flow”

 1. Backward Sprint x 30m

 2. Forward Sprint x 30m

 3. Maasai Jump x 5

 4. Bound x 30m

 5. Optional Sport Work up to 30 minutes

3-10 rounds. Go by feel. End on a win, not on a breakdown.

You want to be a pain-free machine on all these! Keep it simple. Work on the quality of your form. Let the adaptation occur gradually, rather than trying to force it in a single session.

I hoped you enjoyed this article.

Poliquin wrote the Super Accumulation Program stating it is what he’d do if he was going to be paid a million dollars to gain 15 pounds of muscle in a year.

I’m writing this one as if I’m going to make a million dollars for achieving greater explosive ability than I’ve ever had!

Yours in Results,


PS. If I carry through and get the results, I’ll put it on the app. 👍

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