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8: ATG Gyms

ATG Coaching Insider Series 8: ATG Gyms

I’m asked about ATG Gyms regularly.

I do think they’re the future of ATG.

Here’s what’s in my head…

I’ve got a good chunk of ATG staff up to $80,000/year, whereas the gym staff I’ve been talking to at CrossFits and F45s seem to be limited to $35,000 or so.

80 seems to be the limit of what we can do with 49.50/month per user.

Equipment is emerging as solid secondary income and our two most needed creations haven’t even hit market yet.

Sneaker has shown huge potential - though will probably take till next year to see profit spillover due to what it takes to create a shoe.

Our drink hits the market this summer and has potential.

Add those up and you have 4 sources of income that can flow from a gym.

“Opening ATGs” needs to have strategy behind it, and 4 sources of income was the first step of my strategy.

Add Alissa’s brain to this, and we’re spending our Sunday morning searching for real estate.

Paying off real estate - no rent - plus 4 sources of income, gives serious career potential for the coaches running ATG gyms.

This route is a slow and patient one, but the long-term effects are incomparable.

The target for gym 1 is to be flourishing in 2024 with the coaches running it making enough to support a family.

I believe that’s $100,000 a year, which is also my goal for all ATG staff. With 4 hot sources of income, that is possible. We already know $80,000 is, but realize I’ve even sold 150,000 books - a million dollars in profit - to support staff getting these raises toward the $80k mark. I have two more books releasing this year. So I’m pushing on all logical avenues I can.

But I want ATG to be real gyms in communities all over the world. Why can’t ATG be the #1 community gym worldwide? We can service so many members of the community. But I want those gyms to create CAREERS and have a positive effect on not just the members but also the coaches and the economy, both directly and indirectly by the example we set.

ATG is so new, one day we will be shocked thinking back to when ATG wasn’t even gyms yet.

CrossFit has 14,000 gyms. F45 even has over 1000 gyms now.

There aren’t even 1000 people in this chat!

Yet many of us know first-hand, that ATG can be 1000s of gyms, and at a completely different level of results for the members AND COACHES… if we apply the same dedication to the business of it, as we do to the exercises.

Yours in Dreams,


PS. The ATG-Uber concept is rolling forward full-steam and will be ahead of any software for trainer booking. ATG-certified coaches have a treat to look forward to in terms of how we will collectively drive paid clients. This step will expand much more rapidly than the gyms concept. Hope that adds some clarity. 2022 was all about getting our own app rolling, which was quite an accomplishment, and 2023 is now about the ATG-Uber concept, which just means that level of user-friendliness for clients to find and book and pay you.

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