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"Bottoms-Up" Squat for Knee and Glute Workout

Ben Patrick, [25/12/2022 21:46]

Xmas workout: worked up to 10rm “bottoms-up” squat followed by 25 sissies to heel tap. ATG + KOT for Xmas. “Bottoms-up” is just a concept I’m working on to help unnatural squatters get better. The idea is you go to bottom of squat, squat up above parallel, back down, aiming for control of the whole range rather than bounce BUT… As you fatigue/load you’ll need to bounce to get back up. So you keep loading up to a point that you can’t control the whole bottom range anymore and you literally have to bounce out of the bottom on the 10th rep. Almost like a safe way of pushing to failure and getting BOTH tempo and bounce.

Each has unique benefits for the knee. I notice bad knees EITHER can’t control OR can’t bounce smoothly. Around 100% bodyweight starts crushing me and on 10th rep I have to bounce to get up to the top. Just food for thought. Awesome VMO pump, etc.

As there are similarities to Charles Poliquin’s deliberately controlled 1 & 1/4 squat where you never lock out at the top. If anything my “bottoms-up” ATG squats are like Poliquin for Dummies. Learning your body and knees and pushing your VMOs, glutes, etc., to the brink, but in a fundamentally safe and functional way. For example there’s no way to write tempo on this because the tempo changes from slower to faster as you fatigue lol!

Credit to Poliquin as well as Ben C and Keegan. Ben C worked a similar concept with us in person. And Keegan has been doing a similar slow to fast tempo progression within Dense sessions. Really intuitive and in a short amount of time you can get a phenomenal lower body and KNEE workout. Probably huge for the glutes as well from all that effort in the bottom ranges.

That’s essentially the net result = compared to a usual squat workout you wind up getting significant time under tension with INTENT in the lower ranges while getting deep knee bending at your own level to stimulate greater lubrication and internal knee adaptation. Then the finisher of 25 heel tap sissy squats is from the OG Advanced Zero which I’m revamping over the next couple weeks. Killer finisher in short time. Whole workout was like 15 mins.

Just snuck out while Alissa on phone with kids + her mom lol, so I had to think fast. I will probably keep that workout in Standards as the 4th leg day.

(Step up, split squat, slantboard squat, full squat… repeat, over 2 week period)

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