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1-2 Leg Hamstring Work Exercise Selection

Drake Davis, [18/04/2023 22:14]

I can't remember if it was @Kneesovertoesguy or Ben Clarfield talking about a 2:1 ratio for single : double leg work and I was wondering how to incorporate that into hamstring/posterior chain movements.

I know leg curls, Nordic, and RDLs can all be done single leg but for safety I think it would be: curls, RDLs, and Nordics in that order.

Curls could even be a super heavy eccentric with both legs on concentric then single leg lowering. What's y'all's input on exercise selection for 1 - 2 leg hamstring work?

Ben Patrick, [19/04/2023 05:59]

@imDrake757 that’s a rule of thumb that has worked well for me in building people back up, example: Step up, Split squat, Squat!

Squats could absolutely be done more often. In fact my body craves squats more than once per week. But I still earn em with split squats once per week. And for a beginner I like step up, split squat, squat.

Keegan and I trained like that together in person 3 years ago. I get to see Keegan again this weekend. Maybe we should revive that freak athlete program we were working on in-person then

As for hamstrings, ham curl machines and back extensions are great ways to work independently.

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