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3 Day Advanced Dense Workout

Ben Patrick, [20/06/2022 18:36]

I have something new I’ll be testing in the coming weeks due to baby #2 almost here, and that’s a 3 DAY version of Advanced Dense. How to do that?

A great clue from Charles Poliquin was a workout where he only used 4 exercises 3 days per week. One minute breaks. He used: Squat, Chin, Deadlift, Dip. Brutal!

However, I am pursuing maximum athletic potential for my body. So I’ll craft 3 different 4 exercise workouts of 10 SETS EACH. AND I’ll use Sled or Air Runner to start each round! This way I have a program set up for when I know I may only be able to get in a few sessions a week.

If you do 10 rounds flowing from Sled or Air Runner to 4 ATG moves, even 3 days a week you might make breakthroughs. Harder workout. Harder RECOVERY.

There’s no way I’ll be able to train 5 days a week pretty soon during baby chaos. BUT I want to make as much OR MORE gains. So I will keep posted on the rules and guidelines I come up with for 3 Day Advanced Dense. If anything, it’ll be a very interesting drill to pick what you’d do if you could only choose 12 exercises.

My programs are essentially built on Charles Poliquin’s most basic programs, using his most remedial exercises to bulletproof the body, then living them out in ways no one ever has, to fine-tune the actual application of them. I’ll keep you closely posted.

His original article:

And if you’ve been following ATG closely lately, we’ve been having insane results by really MASTERING EVERY REP. For example 10 sets of 3 on an exercise can be VERY different than just pushing out 3 sets of 10. Incredible range and strength gains by chasing the perfect rep but keeping reps LOWER. Some exceptions apply when the range is shorter such as Poliquin Step Up or Tib I would still go like 10 reps, not 3. And I will be continuing to apply 2% rule of progress each week, which for me just means 1kg/side on squats and RDLs and .5kg/side on upper and single leg. My goal with this is not to wildly change what’s working, rather:

-Advanced Dense is working better than any program I’ve done yet.

-I want to keep those gains up.

-I have another baby coming any week now and I don’t want to not be able to follow my program.

-I’ve also been observing freaky results when athletes unintentionally rest more.

-with 10 rounds of 4 exercises for low reps (and sled or sprint before each round) I can for sure create insane adaptation

-this will also force every exercise to chosen to be treated with equal volume which is a trick for athleticism, such as a reverse squat for 10 x 10 may be NEEDED to catch up from years of avoidance. And this puts physics on your side to get freaky athletic, which is my goal. At some point in my life I’d like to be the fastest person in the world for my age. I’d be okay if I was 2nd to @brendanbackstrom but I’m not an easy competitor and I’m going to be hard to keep up with when I’m training every session with intent and mathematical volume to make a 6’1 193 shredded and Usain-Bolt-proportioned body with freaky relative strength

-I may learn a lot about the power of the BASICS when I can only choose 4 exercises 3 days per week

-the general framework I came up with includes OPTIONAL 2 sets of no more than 5 exercises on off days, based on how Poliquin actually used a program of only 2 SETS TO FAILURE as a back off from 10 sets style training. So only 3 workouts per week are the main workouts where you would take pre-workout etc. and do sled (or air runner) then 4 exercises in a circuit of 10 rounds - but if you had time on off days you would be allowed no more than 2 sets of 5 movements


A1. Sled or Air Runner (ideally alternate. And Air Runner just means a gradual sprint build up. Super light round 1, just enjoying the art of it. Not forcing anything)

A2. Lower leg

A3. Leg

A4. Hip

A5. Upper

^EXAMPLE: you would make your own 3 different sessions of 4 exercise choices

Tue-Thu any 5 strength or mobility exercises for 2 rounds

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