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6-Day Workout Plan for Athlete

Christian Kurz, [19/11/2022 02:38]

I've got an athlete coming back into town for thanksgiving, 6 days. then hes back off to play hockey, he asked me for some workouts when hes back. whats the best idea for just 6 days? just make him feel good? Ben Range

Ben Patrick, [19/11/2022 04:02]

@ckurzz if he can master and understand ATG Split Squat and Seated GM form in that time, you can change his life. 90% chance he doesn’t have the balls to continue them to mastery. But at least you’re giving him a chance. Teach him the story of Marty St Louis. Nordics. Full squats with chains. Either your buddy wants to chase greatness and be different from the sheep all doing the same training, or not! But you can at least work on your ability to teach and give a client a long term plan to a different life.

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