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7 Levels of Knee Over Toes

Ben Patrick, [20/04/2023 17:52]

Knee thoughts… 7 levels: Sled (no eccentric) = easiest. KOT calf would actually be next because it’s isometric. Then reverse step up family. Then split squat family. Squat is MORE knees over toes than split squat??? Split squat only works bottom range. As you push out, by mid point you’re not under knee over toes load. But in squat you have to keep working through mid point. So it’s literally more knees over toes. Sissy squat then goes further knees over toes than squat. And reverse Nordic goes furthest of all, literally the limit. And every level regresses like crazy. For example: reverse Nordic can be couch stretch.

So we have a literal 7 levels of knee over toes. People have reported every one of those levels as “THE ONE” that helped their knees most. Therefore, know them all!

The real magic is when you understand this stuff down to the actual physics of what is occurring and how a body adapts. Any level can produce gains or not, depending on your understanding of it. Now check this out…

Step up = back extension. Short range.

Split squat = seated GM. Long range.

Squat = RDL. Working through mid point of knee and hip.

Sissy squat = Nordic. Actively lifting body at knee joint only.

Reverse Nordic = J Curl. Lifting from FULLEST stretch.

So this creates a freaky framework for ATG Pro. Leg day + Posterior day. Going from most regressed to most progressed in one session. Not short sessions!

Keegan and I ran this in person together over 3 years ago. Freaky gains. Just need freaky upper session. He and I will be training together the next 5 days in NorCal for Jason Khalipa Knee Seminar.

And at HQ we can set up gym as the ATG Pro flow! So tons of us can go through EVERY knee exercise, etc. on one day, next day upper, next day posterior. Absolute GAUNTLET. Everyone leaves full body DOMs ideally, but great memories. And tons more in-person experience with other ATGers. And hopefully social media bumps / marketing jumps for all.

I’ve been rebuilding my marketing course so I could present on my checklist of how I make posts, if anyone is interested. I have been polishing a checklist for years now. That’s how I still make bangers consistently. Algorithm gets tougher but I’m still averaging over a million views per post, and it simply would NOT happen without my checklist.

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