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8 ATG Upper Body Standards for World-Class Athletes

Ben Patrick, [17/09/2023 02:21]

Here’s our 8 ATG Upper Body Standards, in pictures:

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The goal is balance. Work as hard as you desire to and can recover from. So the same EFFORT and WORK ETHIC associated with “1000 push ups” would be at a HIGHER level if channeled into these 8 exercises I’ve experienced, in myself, and in others…

You can make yourself a world class athlete. The formula to make yourself a world class athlete IS to work hard, AT balanced abilities. Less than 1% of athletes do this, yet it could be argued to be common sense. ATG is mostly a KNOWLEDGE group.

José V, [17/09/2023 02:23]

Its likely that people claiming thousands of pushups are oversimplifying their workouts for social media. Dude's a world champion

Ben Patrick, [17/09/2023 02:24]

@Josevera5 people identify with the HARD WORK and the RESULTS… But the best total athlete would master all the abilities.

Tomorrow morning’s new article breaks down our 8 (basic) Upper Body Standards. Could you add more? Sure! But how many work hard at those 8 balanced abilities?

That alone is an upper body plan that could give a lifetime of excellent results.

My current mission is to help more people understand the value of long-term measurable changes in exercises that help protect the body.

“Rotators = quick pain relief”. That’s cool.

But “rotators MINIMUM 10% bodyweight for 12 reps” - that has huge long-term value for people who can’t do that right now.

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