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8-Week Program for Pain-Free Ability

Haven O, [14/05/2023 22:06]

Has anyone created an 8 week program that has produced measurable results ? If so what main problem did you solve ?

Asking to see if that’s a realistic time to bring someone results (Back pain, knee pain, mobility, strength gain, weight loss, etc)

Ben Patrick, [14/05/2023 22:35]

Haven for knees, the Zero / ATG Pro formula often works wonders within weeks… Meaning: Sled (or ground up work if no sled, hence Zero), Step ups, Split squats, Squats, Full quad/hip-flexor stretching. We regularly see years’ long issues resolving in a few weeks. Even though that’s not the intention. The intention is to master forms you can use the rest of your life

I never address medical conditions, just the pain-free level of ability. Nor do I have any videos or advertisements claiming it to be medical or comparing it to medical

Some questions you just don’t have to answer. I’d rather me a master of my role than lie or pretend otherwise.

If you go to any gym you’ll see all sorts of people who could benefit from ATG

We have a valuable role even if it’s not “backward sled vs meniscus surgery = XYZ% better” - I think that would divert from what’s already led to ATG spreading possibly faster than any other fitness system this decade??

There are endless clients who will want to learn how to exercise. Even though, yes, some would want a medical promise relative to a condition. That won’t be ATG’s approach since we didn’t need that approach to already help people more than we dreamed possible

No matter the condition… Sled is eccentric-less step ups. Step ups are shorter range than split squats. Split squats are one-side-at-a-time squats. Step ups and split squats can regress to less than bodyweight. These are more about physics than medical.

How each zone is applied is the magic of coaching and helping people.

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