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A/B Week Programming for Variety and Core Exercises

Philip Ha, [31/07/2023 21:02]

Wanted to confirm some thoughts/questions about A/B week programming:

Is the main focus for A/B week programming to:

1) Add some variety/change to workouts through the week?

2) Allow for ability to include all the core exercises into a program?

As a taekwondo instructor/athlete, I’m finding that I want to start incorporating an A/B week programming to my workouts so that I can cover all my bases when it comes to weak links

So wanted to understand the thought process around A/B week programming style since it’s really intriguing

Ben Patrick, [01/08/2023 00:47]

@UnlockedPhilogic I would say it’s one of many ways to train. Sets/reps/frequency is the spice of training. I currently follow ONE full body workout which I just repeat about 3 days a week when I have gym access. So I’ve done everything from one workout, to even a 3-week rotation of no workout the same.

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