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Achilles tendon thickening

Eddie Van Dongen, [23/06/2023 08:46]

Anyone experience with thickening of the achilles with runners after doing a series of KOT calf raises?

One of my clients is definitely overdoing it. Her physio told her to stop doing the exercises. But i still see she is missing ROM in ankle so keep working lighter variations, less reps and doing some banded bloodflow work.

I cant look in her foot of course, but on a mri showed no damage. It is just a thickening of the achilles after exercises

Ben Patrick, [23/06/2023 15:55]

@Eddievandongen not sure about “thickening of Achilles” since tendon thickness would mean a good thing and it strengthening. For example, the Achilles is the thickest and strongest tendon in the human body.

Sled is a gentle form of lower leg strengthening which you can recover from fast.

Seated Calf machine is a wonderful tool so you can scale Soleus (muscle by Achilles) training.

Eddie Van Dongen, [23/06/2023 15:59]

I felt the same… never heard of it actually… its what her physio said. I wanted to check it here. Thanks!

Ben Patrick, [23/06/2023 19:53]

Elite track athletes have thicker Achilles than regular people, just to give you the full picture.

If someone had Achilles pain that would indicate there was not sufficient ability relative to the demand

For the long-term of ATG, it is worth considering a Seated Calf machine in part of our gym culture. I will be keeping one as part of my standard gym set-up.


 1. Turf (brand?)

 2. 2 ATG Sleds

 3. 2 ATG Sled Belts

 4. Sorinex Weight Plates - How Much?

 5. ? Brand ? Plate Storage


 1. 2 ATG Mobility Steps

 2. 2 Watson Benches

 3. Watson Dumbbells 3-30kg: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-12-14-16-18-21-24-27-30


 1. 2 Sorinex? / ATG? Nordic Benches

 2. 2 ATG KneeMats

 3. 1 ATG X Sorinex Seated Tib

 4. 1 Watson Seated Calf


 1. 2 Watson Cables

 2. 2 Sorinex Racks

 3. ATG Chains - How Much?

 4. 2 ATG Back Extensions

 5. Needed: Stand-alone Seated GM


 1. 2 Slants

 2. 4 Buddies

This is for my own planning. As time goes, I will then have a simple list I can give anyone trying to make an ATG-style gym. This would represent a simple setup, just as CrossFit has a simple setup.

As you can see, I believe in having a Seated Tib and Seated Calf. There is no standalone Seated Tib currently, but our ATG x Sorinex Seated Tib collab goes on sale very soon.

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