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Adapting ATG Pro to More Than 3 Days

Stephen Cox, [27/04/2023 20:33]

This may have been talked about. But curious for ATG pro, how or if people have adapted it to be more than 3 days?

Ben Patrick, [27/04/2023 20:47]

@stephen_cox Yep: from 3-6 days. 6 days meaning 2 of each session. Most common example would be 4 days, strategically bringing up either legs, posterior, or upper.

Stephen Cox, [27/04/2023 20:53]

Sounds good. Looks like i got a challenge for next week💪💪

Ben Patrick, [27/04/2023 20:54]

Haha 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 That’s what Keegan did at the original ATG. I did 2 legs, 1 posterior, 1/2 upper. 1/2 meaning half lol, not 1 to 2.

Currently I do more like one of each and I try to give my legs some plyo stimulus once per week. (hoops or the ATG plyo progression)

That’s all I can manage currently with my ATG + dad schedule. But it’s working very well because I can at least approach each session with INTENT and not feel like I’m missing out. Non-negotiable: 1 squat session with INTENT, 1 posterior session, 1 upper, 1 plyo.

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