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Adding Cardio for Rec League Soccer

@EdwinBona, [22/01/2023 02:42]

Thank you! Also just played some rec league soccer. First time playing sports since high school, so like since 2007. All the training has me fast as hell. Hamstrings feel great. Cardio not great 😂 I think I'm gonna start adding in some tabata Sprints

Ben Patrick, [22/01/2023 15:37]

@Edwinbona that’s amazing! And you don’t have to add anything. Merely playing the sport is the best conditioning for sport.

@EdwinBona, [22/01/2023 16:30]

True but I only have soccer once a week, so I wanna start adding in some more cardio/HIIT sessions throughout the week to get more prepared

Ben Patrick, [22/01/2023 17:29]

@Edwinbona understood: just stating that once a week is all I need for elite basketball conditioning and I run hardest on the court. You’ll be surprised if you’re patient. 👍[UNIQID]

Read this first, then build your plan gradually.

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