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Address Ability, Not Pain: The Importance of Sled Training


@Kneesovertoesguy Ben any run into issues with SI joint pain? A lot of things I’ve seen and Ben told is to avoid single leg movements during acute pain?


Casey sled and our regressions are wonderful because you can exercise ability with so much less strain than traditional loaded single leg exercises. Sled allows anyone who can walk to get less pain and more strength.

The answer is not avoiding ability. That’s a short-term way of avoiding understanding a subject

Sled is single leg with every step, and scales to less stress than walking because you lean your weight on it.

When you take a lacking ability and then AVOID it, you’re creating further distance to a solution, greater fragility, and more dramatic potential injury.

Never work through pain. Address ability. Know your tools. Turn weak links into strong ones over time.

If someone is in early medical stages after injury or surgery, well then that’s actually outside of our profession as exercise coaches. A doctor and physical therapist have roles to help people return to exercise. We have roles to make EXERCISE better for the body. 👍

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