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Adductor Role in Back Squat Strength

Cole Hyde, [08/01/2023 23:34]

Ben @Kneesovertoesguy @keeganrs

How big of a role do adductors play in back squat? Will improving seated Goodmorning and adductor length + strength improve back squat strength? Asking because I’ve noticed a lot more adductor soreness lately from back squats after improving seated Goodmorning ability, and I think it’s because they’re being used/engaged more? Curious of your thoughts.

Ben Patrick, [09/01/2023 09:50]

Cole my guess is mobility from seated GM = more depth in squat. Bear in mind deeper squat doesn’t mean stronger squat. But if you look at top oly lifters catching a snatch, you see they have to combine strength and mobility for ultimate performance.

Stronger hip extension from seated GM = stronger knee extension from split squat = great assistance to stronger squat, pending enough actual squat adaptation.

But those exercises still have the mobility factors. Seated GM and split squat can be done without intent on mobility and would be good strength exercises but not mobility. Or with intent on mobility but not strength. Intent on both is where there seems to be ultimate performance benefit.

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