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Advantages of the Sissy Squat

Ben Patrick, [05/05/2023 20:36]

What is the advantage of the sissy squat aka KOT squat?

A full squat trains full bend, a sissy squat provides a UNIQUE stimulus. I used these as part of my regular programming before going online a bunch. I feared how they would be received. But boy did they work for my knees and jumping.

CONTEXT: Just finished 5 x 5 full squats with chains, controlled eccentrics, max depth, 2% stronger than last week. Squat (layer 4), KOT squat (layer 5). I would FEAR my basketball competition using this exercise. So I’ll keep on using it as step 5.

Why not deeper? (than shins parallel to the ground) Because deeper is not the unique advantage. Full split squat and full squat train full bend. This trains the knee farther over the toes than either step ups, split squats, or full squats. I like sets of 12 reps, controlled eccentrics. I like maybe 1 inch deeper would work best. Shin parallel to floor.

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