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Advice on Knee Pain for Boxer


My brother has been having knee pain and I tried helping him out by doing light sled work, Patrick, and poliquin step ups. But none of them seem to help, I tried ATG split squats at a very regressed level and it also doesn’t work. The only thing that relieves the pain is flossing but it’s only a temporary fix. 

The knee pain started after his boxing/strength coach made him do pistol squats.

For now I’ve just been doing very light sled work with him so he can get some blood flow in the knee. 

Also, he said sometimes it hurts above his kneecap and sometimes under the knee. 

If anyone could give some advice I would appreciate a lot


@atg_marco the ones closest to you often secretly want you to fail and are the worst to try to help. Some people really do NOT want to be helped. They do NOT want it to work. Pain is also a very useful way to justify failure in sports. The ATG approach to knees takes work but would never fail to get a young person able to box.

I've had clients send scathingly rude messages about how they KNOW this won't work... yet the ones who actually stuck with it not write to me shocked that it did! If you stick with it, you have no choice. It's human biology.

Your brother has feelings involved and doesn't want to see his brother handle his issue.

That's my gut instinct. In your shoes here's exactly what I would do:

1. Stop trying to help him.

2. Get Structural Balance numbers good enough that you can SHOW him why his knees aren't up for boxing.

This worked for me and grew my business. I literally SHOWED people why they had shoulder problems, knee problems, were slow, couldn't jump high.

A fat kid thinking he needs a speed ladder gets shut down real quick when you show him Nordics and chin ups. And someone with knee pain too great even for sports lacks the strength needed around the knee for the demands of that sport.

ATG has shown well beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone willing to put in the work - barring abnormal structural defect or age well beyond the sport (ie an 80 year wanting to do Parkour) can play their sport without their knees stopping them. PERIOD.

Your bro either thinks he will fail as a boxer and needs and excuse, doesn't want you to succeed, or hasn't actually SEEN how knee ability works and has learning issues which MOST people do.

Most people are not capable of common sense and understanding unless they see it with their own eyes. Hence why you could pluck any great dunking NBA player and sell vertical jump programs they've never done. Because they see the dunks and the marketing. So even when you have a TRUE product, you still have to show people. Don't expect common sense or the desire of your clients to want it to work.

You will have a gut instinct that won't lie to you. You can tell when a client wants it to work and when you have one who wants you to fail at helping them. You already know this about your brother, deep down. And meanwhile, you haven't SHOWN him evidence of why his knees aren't fit for boxing.

@atg_marco you are so young and have an opportunity to create the results in yourself that others need and want. And this is a beautiful thing because those who truly want help will make it clear and want your services. It's a hard truth a young trainer has to face that sometimes people close to you don't actually want you to succeed.

I was lucky to start with myself. By the time I got a D1 basketball scholarship at age 23., I would never have trouble getting clients in my hometown again, because I was the same guy who was pathetic at 18. People saw the change and they wanted their kids to train with me. My gym grew so fast I actually had to turn down so many people! The demand was through the roof without any marketing. Just results and people wanting the same results they saw in others. So I was lucky that I already saw results in myself that gave me unshakeable confidence.

Keeping building until you have unshakeable confidence in yourself and your tools.

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