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Alternatives to Pullover and Regressions

Gregory Drakopoulos, [04/06/2023 23:59]

Anyone got movements I can do instead of pullover and regressions? I can do pullover for 25% body weight but is one of the movementss that leave my right scap area agitated.

Ben Patrick, [05/06/2023 00:58]

Gregory: Dumbbell Pullover in line with bench, Dumbbell Pullover cross bench, Standing Cable Pullover, Bridge. Lots of options, nor do you have to force it.

The gains from strength-through-length movements seem to come from the adaptation afterward.

But if something isn’t a weak or tight point, no need to force it. ATG has a lot of movements and you don’t have to do every single one to get great results. That being said, whatever movement someone has issues with, usually indicates it would actually be a good idea to get to where you don’t have issues with it… Example: someone who struggles with squats, probably has the most to gain from it!

This isn’t an absolute rule, but a general observation you’ll find. Go slow, long-game. 🫡

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