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Approach to ACL/LCL tear rehab


So a co-worker of mine on Thursday tore his ACL and LCL. He has barely any pain-free range of motion right now, even with ankle work. I'm going to have him try floss bands and some gentle unweighted knee movements, but I'm curious if anyone has dealt with people immediately following a tear and what they followed for a protocol.


@Nathaneil great question. My personal approach… Let natural healing take place.

See if doctor thinks prehab before surgery is advised. If so, best case scenario is surgery is no longer needed by that time.

I don’t think the purpose of ATG is immediate rehab after injuries Exercise to make the body less likely to break down, and yes, routes that can build it back up, long-term. 

Exercise, diet, sleep. I consider these the basics. I’d say: see what a client can get from these first. Then if you need supplement protocols, probably best to find a mentor on that area and thoroughly test stuff.

For MOST (not all) I think the add-ons = LESS results, because it deviates time and money and attention away from exercise, food, and sleep.

Fernando New Number has spent considerable time figuring out what basics are most effective as far as supplementation. It’s a broad area with lots of knowledge. He walks the walk and can help a lot better than I can.

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