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Approach to ATG Pro Program

Cole Hyde, [24/04/2023 17:42]

@Kneesovertoesguy @keegancoach Ben for ATG Pro, should we be attacking each exercise trying to hit a PR? or just trying to improve on each exercise workout by workout, with gradual progressive overload? Say you have an athlete who is willing to do anything to get to that next level, how should they be attacking this program?

Ben Patrick, [25/04/2023 00:11]

Cole great question… You’ll notice how the workouts are sort of staged to make you go hard on the lifts most conducive for going heavy. Example…

Step up 3 x 20

Bottom 1/4 squat 3 x 20

Squat 5 x 5

That’s our version on the app!

So by nature the step up and split squat work your knee protection and mobility and prime you to then go harder on the squat. That is just one example of how the 6 layers can be used. Sets and reps are up to the coach. That’s the version we liked best in-person.

Using step ups and split squats for their intended purposes: health/mobility gains - then using squat for its nice advantage, which is applying strength. You want all 3 to improve. Then sissy and reverse Nordic are just 2 x 12 in our version.

So by nature, the squat let’s you go heavier (5 x 5). And the others make freaky joint gains.

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