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Approaching Client Disbelief in Training Expertise

Brian Grant, [21/12/2022 01:54]

Question how would you approach someone who has gone to a physical therapist and that physical therapist told them that doing tib raises aren’t good for them and it’s not effective.

One of trainers came back to me and told me that. And the client believes that person more than me cause of the “expertise/ credibility “

Ben Patrick, [21/12/2022 02:27]

@bgtraining_530 the articles of @TheATGClinician are a great resource for this!!! He has them on a Medium account, Brian Ziegler.

@bgtraining_530 and the only full solution I know is to make yourself UNDENIABLE. In sports, players often say “the coach didn’t like me” or “politics”. Michael Jordan could have been on any team in the NBA, it wouldn’t have mattered. He would have earned minutes and played. So there’s a level where you’re just undeniable IN SPITE of possible unethical efforts to stop you. As a trainer this means making yourself high demand, flourishing with results and word of mouth so you don’t ever have to debate someone.

Ben Clarfield, [21/12/2022 04:26]

This is the nature of what we do.

“You’re paying me now so I will give you my best advice. Here it is insert ATG stuff here. Now if you want to try and follow my recipe great if not ok go and find a different recipe elsewhere and good luck.”

Now if they aren’t paying you it’s not worth the fight.

Ben Patrick, [21/12/2022 04:41]


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