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Are Thousands of Pushups Safe?

José V, [17/09/2023 01:20]

Hey team! Im curious about doing tons of pushups. Is that a legit great workout like several elite athletes suggest or is it a great way to wreck your shoulders? I find that my pecs get tight after doing a lot of pushups and my shoulder pain flares up. I admit to a weak trap3 and external rotation, but if that were fixed, would tons of pushups be legit or just a way to get messed up? All opinions are appreciated

Ben Patrick, [17/09/2023 02:13]

@Josevera5 this is why I love the Standards. “Tons of” …well it’s relative. Keep improving your weakest links. And you don’t have to stop your strong links. But let the weak ones stay too weak, and the body may hold you back.

José V, [17/09/2023 02:14]

Agreed brother. By tons, i means thousands. He claims thousands per day and its a frequent social media trend

Ben Patrick, [17/09/2023 02:15]

In my teens I got elbow and shoulder tendonitis from daily high rep push ups. Really bad too. Very detrimental to my long-term development.

1. Any activity better than no activity

2. Too much of one activity worse than balanced activity

It takes a really huge HEART to take full responsibility, and a really great mind to recognize it in training.

The ability to be AMAZING for your family, and yourself, and your team, etc… That’s the way. Just as “500 push ups a day” isn’t quite the way. But it’s not entirely wrong.

Gene Nikiforos Dimitriou, [17/09/2023 01:38]

what about training the push up in length?

Ben Patrick, [17/09/2023 02:20]

@Nikiforos86 full range push up + full range shoulder press is excellent beginner combo.

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