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Asking about protein powder

Morgen Grady, [16/06/2023 16:58]

Anyone here try out Jockos MOLK protein powder?

Ben Patrick, [16/06/2023 17:11]

@morgengrady Fernando suggests raw milk and EAA (not mixed, just in general) rather than protein powder. He can elaborate. I’m getting in good shape lately. All depends what your goal is.

Diet can be very simple and enjoyable with a little strategy.

Mark Mammoser, [16/06/2023 17:17]

whole foods that you enjoy 🤌🏼

Ben Patrick, [16/06/2023 17:18]

Yep and for me, the timing of them… With family at dinner I enjoy carbs but that’s it, during day on own it’s just protein and caffeine. I’ve been doing this for many years and whenever I do, it works best for me. For me I have to limit carbs to just after dinner though. Then I sleep great and am relaxed

So it’s like two different lives, work me vs evening family dad me. So this is just context if looking for protein powder. Make sure you know why you’re taking a supplement.

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