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Assessing the Necessity of Advanced Movements.

Martin Paradine, [19/09/2023 05:31]

@Kneesovertoesguy as I progress through the Standards and more advanced movements, I’d love to hear your honest and sincere opinion as to which movements may be unnecessary from generalist movement perspective and bulletproofing. For example, movements like a reverse Nordic makes sense for “wow” factor and in your demonstrations as a brand and exemplar presentation of what can be accomplished. But is it necessary, assuming one is progressing couch and other precursor exercises, based on what I’ve outlined above or a bit more of a party trick, which I think Keegan even called it in one video.

I think this question relates to many level 6 movements like muscle ups, levers, back bridge, handstands, among others. There is always a risk/reward trade-off that needs to be assessed based one’s goals.

Something I’m always contemplating as I get older - is the movement essential for effective movement, longevity and bulletproofing or is it a goal in itself unless a skill or sports based demand requires it - as I’m trying to distill out the essential; master the basics but in a holistic and balanced way.

Ben Patrick, [19/09/2023 05:34]

Martin yep we think similarly. That’s why I’ve really been enjoying working on all 20 basic ATG Standards. Training only what I feel is necessary, but then trying to master those moves even better. Feels amazing.

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