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Assisted Slant Squat for Stronger Knees

Ben Patrick, [21/09/2023 18:52]

Note for Coaches:

The LEAST likely exercise I’ve seen used by struggling cases? ASSISTED slant squat. Amazingly powerful for a struggling, weak case. Gets them really WORKING - but at a level they can handle. From that point, it’s science: every session builds the knee and internal structures more

I’ve worked with struggling cases that I could tell did NOT want ATG to work, and it still worked. 😂

“Menisci and cartilage, ligaments and bones are susceptible to anabolic metabolic processes and functional structural adaptations in response to increased activity and mechanical influences.”


⬆️ This means your knee has stuff in it, and that stuff CAN get stronger! But it gets stronger when using the knee deep, and those same structures tend to deteriorate when not used fully.

All that being said, anyone can work at too hard of a level. That’s exactly why assisted slant squat has worked so well. It regresses the pain but it allows you to still work really hard!

The most successful Chinese Olympic weightlifting system used a similar philosophy… (and if you’re not familiar, they DESTROY Americans in Olympic weightlifting)

When an athlete complains of knee pain… they throw them on a Slantboard! Then their efforts lead to stronger knees, and even more development of that vastus medialis muscle.

But the average struggling knee case isn’t an elite weightlifter, and needs to start assisted.

Leg of top Olympic weightlifter of all time: Liu Xiaojun.

I once recall reading from one of his coaches… “When an athlete complains of knee pain, we throw them on the Slantboard!” (Talking about Liu Xiaojun)

This would be backward of the American approach of avoidance. Just compare Chinese vastus medialis to American vastus medialis and you could predict why they destroy us in that event.

He’s the greatest Olympic weightlifter of all time. I think that’s literal proof that full squat develops VMO. 😂 You could just compare how good people are at full squat vs vastus medialis and you’d had literal proof.

The muscle by the knee cannot help but be emphasized when you squat deep. And when you’re on slantboard you can’t help but squat more like that.

Alright, enough of a rant on the slant.

Great work by Alissa and Iris. A new form video is uploading into Female Standards. Female Standards will be a slow burn until all the videos are done. We have less experience with females. But we now have 50+ female ATG Coaches in a chat on Telegram working on it!

(And a detailed [but still short] educational video on this subject drops tomorrow, which will be very helpful for our coaches)

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