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ATG: A New Tool for Athletes

Ben Patrick, [22/12/2022 02:55]

I can only ask as a friend, not to share. I share to fire you up. Most trainers would share on social media. Saquon worked with me this off season. He took ATG very seriously. I can tell you this guy was awesome to work with, just a GREAT guy. People thought he was done, now his knees are clearly handling more force than anyone in the league.

ATG IS NEW. This is the beginning. We have a duty to be great and supply these solutions to people. 🫡

ATG is NOT being broadly taught. We have to be bold but be incredibly professional about what we do and how we act.

Sports are rough. But in working with a lot of top athletes now, ATG is a real tool to improve their odds. Anything can still happen, good or bad. I do my job and I use my own body to market. Because if it works, it should WORK, right?

So if you put that pressure on yourself, your clients will win even more.

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